Dr.cash is launching a new Challenge: "Write-to-dr.cash-if-you-want-to-be-a-community-manager-and-the-following-points-are-about-you" check:

— You're a super communicator, open to the world, funny, easy-going

— You know Affiliate Marketing

— You know how to whip up a crowd and rock out your conversation partner

— You like to be in the spotlight

— You have an excellent level of English conversation (or Russian).

— You are ok with the camera or broadcast streaming


* High salary level

* Work remotely or in the office

* Work in an interesting project that is developing rapidly


* To light a fire in our community, also make it cozy and useful to all participants

* Be a draw prizes and streams host

* Be in the spotlight

- - - - -


telegram: @astya_alex

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